Prati Vega Plus - LF 330 (Unkn.)
Ref.No: 114090
Technical Conditions 
Sliter-Rewinders machine
Year Unkn.
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In production
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achine: Vega Plus - LF 330 Internal machine number: Vega Internal C3 number: Variant 10
Printing process: UV flexographic printing Printing units: 1 Own
Lackwerk: No
Printing ink: UV - flexographic printing ink Drying: UV - drying
Painting-partial: No Painting-full: Yes / Flexosleeve
Varnishes: Gloss varnish, matt varnish, TTF varnish, luminescent varnish Laminating: No

Material width paper and foil: min.: 150 mm / max.: 340 Print width: max. 310
Printing performance: only punching max. 200 m / min., printing max. 70 m / min.
max. rolls Ø - down: 1000 mm / max. rolls Ø - up: 400 mm punching width: max. 320

Print feed: min. 80Z = 254 mm Print feed: max. 136Z = 431.8

Format punching: Rotary WGR 240 punching units: 2
Flat punching: No Punching sheet: Yes Punching cylinder: No
Airshock cylinder: No Upper punch: Yes Lower punch: Yes

Sheet cutting (crosswise) / leaf cutter: No. Longitudinal cutting: Yes
Computer edge punching: No Numbering: No

Hot foil stamping: No. Blind stamping: No
Cold foil stamping: No Corona system: No

Perforating across: Yes Under punching: with additional. punching sheet
Perforating lengthwise: Yes / punching sheet

Back slit with punching: No
Back slit without punching: No

Back printing: No on backing paper: No on adhesive: No
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