Codimag viva 340 (2005)
Ref.No: 116054
Technical Conditions 
Label-Printing machine
Year 2005
34 x 0 cm (13 x 0 inch)
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In production
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Codimag viva 340 waterless offset
8 colors
Electrical equipment and control panel. Longitudinal cutting device with 4 knives. Plate bending device for waterless plates
Base with register trolley with flexographic printing unit for varnishing including varnish pump and anilox roller (angle 60°, grid width 80L/cm, volume 9 cm³/m²)
Magnetic cylinder for Flexowerk
Stork screen printing units each with base and register carriage including ink pump and automatic ink level control
UV drying 8 statons
Make IST, type M40-8x1-MBS-G-Co-CMK-SLC4 printing units a 120 Watt
4 printing units each 160 Wat (printing unit, varnishing unit, 2xscreen printing)
Air-cooled spotlight unit including CMK reflector, telescopic slide and SLC stepless power control
Hot foil stamping unit with servo drive incl.
-1Hot foil stamper
-Foil saving circuit
-Special base with register trolley
-electronic equipment
-Oil heater
-Possibility of “quick cooling” of the embossing cylinder using water cooling
-1 clamping cylinder for magnesium sheets
Additional clamping cylinder for magnesium sheets for hot stamping deviceAssembly and plate bending device for hot stamping magnesium plates
Rotatable embossing station in the translating area, format variable in 0.005mm increments incl.
-1 empty station with base and register trolley
-2 photopolymer plates:
-1 plate on a steel base with 0.73mm thickness (male)
-1 plate made of 0.8mm thick photopolymer for use with double-sided adhesive tape
BST Promark color video observation type PowerScope including integration
Corona, make Vetaphone type TOU 4
Friction waves for hot stamping for the use of multi-lane gold foil
Europe Western
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